The purpose of this law to encourage the creation of designs by promoting their protection and utilization so as to contribute to the development of industry.
A design refers to the features of a shape, configuration, pattern or ornament applied to an article by any industrial process. If you register a design, you will be protecting the external appearance of the article. Registered Designs are used primarily to protect designs for industrial use. Application: Any person claiming to be the proprietor of any new or original design not previously published in Bangladesh may apply for registration of design.
To file application for registration of design we need the following things:
(a) Name of the inventor (applicant). (b) Address(s) and nationality of the inventors.
(c) Two sets of specifications of design.
(d) Four sets of 3D pictures of the products from 4 sides.
(e) Power of Attorney [From – 31]
Duration of Registration: The Registration of an industrial design is valid for five (05) years from the date of the application and renewable for two (02) further consecutive periods of five (05) years on payment of the prescribed fee. There is no grace period for the design registration.
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Patent is the exclusive right of the inventor on the newly discovered and registered product, which he enjoys the sole right to create, develop, use and sell it. To be able to obtain a patent certificate for any discovery, it must contain the following four components: (1)The discovery must be new, that means it cannot be part of any previously discovered or previously discovered topic; (2) The newly invented matter must be the result of the invention able and unimaginable creative concepts and it will be conceptually unique. (3) The invention must be of industrial efficiencies, that is, it can be used for production purposes and used for commercial purposes (4) It cannot be related to any kind of invention that is forbidden by law or its use by any conventional law of the country.

Patent’s main objective is to encourage the inventor to develop new technology and industry. As a result, the detector feels secure about the benefits of his discovery, and others encourage it to concentrate on new inventions. According to the law, patents are not renewable. According to the rules of the United States, patent certificate is 17 years Stay up till 1911 Patent and Design Act is introduced in Bangladesh. According to its provision, the patent charter in Bangladesh is limited to 16 years.



Advantages of patent: Patent has not been able to say that it has played a very important role in promoting new inventions and creativity in the field of technological development. In fact, patents are now quite important in the technological world. Benefits from different perspectives are given below: 1) Advantages of innovator: An inventor first through patent gets legal recognition of his work. Besides, without the intervention of others, he can use, enjoy or sell freely and safely. 2) Advantages of importer: Importers feel encouraged to import new technologies obtained from patent certified. Whenever the advertiser enjoys the security of production and sale using the technology in their own country by contracting the inventor, then from other countries he is encouraged to import such technology. 3) Advantages of others: As a result of the patent, the invention of the inventor’s sole possession of inventions is not only beneficial, but others are also encouraged by this invention. 4) Advantage of the state: The responsibility of the state is to improve the quality of life of the people. Development is essential for all sectors including industrial, agricultural sector. Similar development depends on the use of new technologies. The new invention has benefited a nation as well as the ability to import patents, The countries benefit from the import.

Filing Requirement:

To file a Patent Application we need the followings:
(a) Name of the inventor (applicant), (b) Address(s) and nationality of the inventors, (c) Two sets of specification and one set of drawing on tracing paper (transparent), (d) Legalized Deed of Assignment (if any), (e) Power of Attorney [Form – 31], you can download the authorization from this web by clicking download forms. (f) Certified copy of the foreign patent (in case of claiming priority) NOTE: Legalized Deed of Assignment, Power of Attorney and Certified priority documents can be submitted later within 90 days the date of filing application. The Patent Attorneys of the Associates intellectual property law firm are very efficient in Patent matters and they may be contacted through e-mail at (

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