Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB) is now known as Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Ltd. (BTCL). Registration of domain .bd is now more easy and the BTCL has reduced the registration and renewal charges. Presently Registration of Domain in Bangladesh is easy and simple. Domains are registered for two years at the time of registration and renewable for subsequent year or years. Renewal for several years is possible. Any person can apply for registration of domain with .bd and it takes only two working days to active the domain upon submitting the complete application. Recently the BTCL authority has rearranged the office, registration, renewal and depositing money is in one place. Now it is like one stop service.

Registration of domain .bd is simple. Any person can apply for registration of .bd domain. In order to apply for registration the following documents and information are required during submitting the application:

Name, Address, City, State/Province (if applicable), Postal/Zip Code, Country, Phone, Fax, E-mail Address and Nationality of the applicant(s). Desired Domain Name (without www part). A duly executed Power of Attorney (POA). NOTE: It is necessary to submit the original Authorization from the applicant.
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